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Space AVionics Open Interface aRchitecture is an initiative to federate the space avionics community and to work together in order to improve the way that the European Space community builds avionics sub-systems.

What are the objectives?

  • To reduce the schedule and risk and thus cost of the avionics procurement and development, while preparing fo the future
  • To improve competitiveness of avionics suppliers
  • To influence standardisation processes by standardising at the right level in order to get equipment interchangeability (the toplogy remains specific to a project)
  • To define the governance model to be used for the products, generic specifications, interface definition of the elements being produced under the SAVOIR initiative.

The process is intended to be applied as part of the Agencies ITT's and throughout the subsequent procurements and development process.

A particular goal is to have SAVOIR outputs exploited in future projects and relevant products as part of European supplier's portfolios.

What are the expected benefits of SAVOIR?

  • For customers, streamline the procurement process of spacecraft avionics
  • For system integrators, facilitate the integration of the spacecraft avionics
  • For suppliers, prepare the technical conditions for a more efficient product line organisation.

What does SAVOIR support?

  • The space avionics customers and system architects,
  • The system integrators,
  • The avionics and technology suppliers,
  • The standardization bodies.

It is a tool for the industrial policy and R&D plan makers.

Last updated: February 2017

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