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Producing documents

The documents are produced through industrial activities. They are reviewed by SAG, then by selected ESA project teams. They can then enter a wider public review in industry, before being published.

Document review Process

A collaboration with the ECSS organisation and Eurospace allows to organise efficiently these wider industrial consultations

Using documents

The Prime contractor prepares his own documents such as the System Requirement Specification, the ICDs, some high level software Requirement Baseline, etc.

Use of SAVOIR documents

Then the Prime prepares the Product Specifications for the procurement for the hardware (CDMS specs, unit specs) and for the software (Application specification, execution platform specification). The SAVOIR documents are intended to support this activity, by allowing the Prime to reuse product specifications for his own procurement. This is when the Primeís avionics architect envisages a physical architecture and maps the Savoir functional architecture on the physical units that he intends to procure, tuning the configuration parameters of the generic specification to actual projectís values.

SAVOIR documents

The envisaged SAVOIR product tree at the time of edition of this document is based on General Specifications (normative), and Technical Notes, Handbooks, Technical Memoranda and Technical Reports (informative):

Technical Notes: context
SAVOIR Documentation Tree SAVOIR-TN-000 Released
SAVOIR Functional Reference Architecture [ASRA] SAVOIR-TN-001 Released
SAVOIR On-board Software Reference Architecture [OSRA] SAVOIR-TN-002 Released
SAVOIR Model based Avionics roadmap SAVOIR-TN-003 Released
Generic Specification: product spec
SAVOIR generic OBC specification SAVOIR-GS-001 Released
SAVOIR Flight Computer Initialisation Sequence Generic Specification SAVOIR-GS-002 Released
SAVOIR generic RTU specification SAVOIR-GS-003 Released
Data Storage SAVOIR-GS-004 Released
Execution Platform Functional Specification SAVOIR-GS-005 Released
File Management System SAVOIR-GS-006 Released
Generic OIRD SAVOIR-GS-007 Released
On-board Communication System requirements SAVOIR-GS-008 Released
Technical Memoranda: standards-to-be
Software Space Component Model Specification SAVOIR-TM-001 Released
SAVOIR UART protocol and interface specification SAVOIR-TM-002 Released
Execution platform pseudo component interface specification SAVOIR-TM-003 Released
Component Container Interface SAVOIR-TM-004 Cancelled
Handbook: how to
SAVOIR On Board Software Reference Architecture Training Material SAVOIR-HB-001 Released
SAVOIR Data Handling Handbook SAVOIR-HB-002 Released
SAVOIR FDIR Handbook SAVOIR-HB-003 Released
SAVOIR Space Component Model User Manual SAVOIR-HB-004 Cancelled

SAVOIR reports

SAVOIR-FAIRE - On-board software reference architecture TEC-SWE/09-289/AJ Released
SAVOIR-IMA - Integrated Modular Avionics and Time and Space Partitioning TEC-SW/09-247/JW Released
SAVOIR-SAFI - Standardisation of AOCS Sensors and Actuators Functional Interface TEC-SWE/11-481/AJ Released
SAVOIR-SAIF - AOCS Sensor and Actuator Interfaces Working Group (SAVOIR SAIF) report SAVOIR/12-005/PA Released


European Space Software Repository

Registration needed; access restricted to ESA Member States (see license below)


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SAVOIR documents license

The European Space Agency, on behalf of the participating members, holds copyright for all SAVOIR documents. No SAVOIR document may be disseminated outside the ESA member states in any form without the explicit written consent of ESA via a dedicated license.

Non-ESA members states or persons from outside ESA member states willing to access or use SAVOIR documents in whole or in part in their own documentation, should file a request to ESA. Only after agreement of the SAVOIR Advisory Group, the license is signed by ESA.

Note that:

  • direct use of SAVOIR documents themselves should be made using quotation of SAVOIR documents, rather than rewriting.
  • when SAVOIR documents text is used, SAVOIR copyright is acknowledged, quotations clearly identified in the document together with exact reference/version and potential modifications of SAVOIR documents used as source.

SAVOIR presentations

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